Our Services


Skilled and motivated employees are every company’s key to success.

We will help you create a fair and productive working environment. Together, we will seek the balance between the employer’s interests and the workplace’s attractiveness for your employees.



  • Full legal coverage of your HR
  • Preparation and revision of employment documentation
  • Legal counselling for terminating employment relationships
  • Systems of remuneration and bonuses
  • Working hours, employment flexibility
  • Internal regulations and collective agreements
  • Labour disputes
  • Representation in consulting the Labour Office or the Labour Inspectorate
  • HR trainings


  • Employment compliance (revision of employment documentation, auditing of internal processes and suggestions for modifications, preparation and adjustment of internal regulations and other documentation, staff training)
  • Managerial contracts & motivation systems (setting organisational structure and individual managerial contracts, addressing management motivation and responsibility)
  • Collective relationships (support for collective bargaining and prevention of risk of collective bargaining disputes)
  • Relationships with external HR partners (agency employment, occupational health services, wages, etc.)
  • Changes in the structure of employees and flexibility (organisational changes, transfers of rights and obligations from employment relationships or measures to boost employment flexibility)
  • International mobility of employees (legal support for obtaining work permits and visas for employees, cross-border employment, posting of workers, etc.)