Our Services


Nobody wants to go to court - and still, the courts are overloaded.

Where there is no option left for an amicable solution, one must enforce one's rights at court with maximum effort. We are ready to provide complex legal support to our clients, both as plaintiffs and as defendants, in judicial proceedings, arbitrations and insolvency proceedings.

Spory a arbitráže


  • Representation at civil courts, arbitration courts and mediations in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Representation in insolvency proceedings – creditors' claims and representation in creditors institutions, representation of debtors filing a debtor's insolvency petition, representation of insolvency administrators in disputes related to debtors' assets.
  • Representation in administrative proceedings


  • Representation in complex disputes involving supplier-customer relationships.
  • International litigations and international arbitrations (in cooperation with international partners).
  • Representation in industrial relations - nullity of termination of an employment relationship, claims for damages, etc.
  • Protection against chicanery insolvency petitions.
  • Settlement of the community property of spouses.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Representation of injured corporations in criminal proceedings.